Advent Sermon Series

Advent is a time of joy and hope! During Advent this year, we look at ways we can find more hope and joy through inclusion, acceptance, unconditional love and tolerance. We believe we can all play a role in making our community a better place with these attributes. Please join us at 10:30 AM on Sundays for some (or all!) of these messages.

Sunday, December 3 – #MoreHope

Have you ever had a moment in your life after which you knew nothing would ever be the same? In the midst of great change, hope is always a welcome thing. Advent can remind us that God makes us ready for whatever unknown may come our way and calls us to be messengers of #morehope in an ever-changing world.


Sunday, December 10 – #MorePeace

Have you ever struggled with finding your purpose and being at peace with it? Or are you yearning for more peace in your life and relationships? #MorePeace in the world happens when all of us feel #MorePeace within ourselves and live out that message each day.


Sunday, December 17 – #MoreJoy

Every angel seems to use “do not be afraid” as an opening line. But perhaps no one needed to hear it more than Joseph. What was happening to him was the stuff that ruins lives. As a man, he had all the rights to abandon Mary and preserve his dignity. The stakes were high–who would believe this? Keeping up “appearances” can rob us of our #morejoy. Let us be messengers of encouragement and steadfast support, as Joseph was, for that which the Spirit is birthing in the world.

Sunday, December 24 – #MoreLove

The sky was brighter than usual on that first Christmas Eve, making it easier to keep track of the sheep. And then it got really bright. You would have thought that all that “glory” shining would have been “the sign.” That’s what most of us look for–great big obvious clues about God’s presence. But instead, the angel says that a baby… a newborn helpless baby in a feeding trough was it–the sign. In a flash, the message was that #MoreLove is found where you least expect it and perhaps is already there residing in the ordinariness of your life.

Sunday, December 31 – #MoreLife

By now, Joseph was used to angels. And now he needed their timely warnings more than ever. Jesus was barely a toddler and his trouble with the Roman Empire had begun. Jesus, the Savior of Humankind becomes a refugee–forced from home by oppression and violence. We ask ourselves how we might usher in #MoreLife in the face of that which feels destructive. One last time in this series we hear the message #DoNotBeAfraid to get up and go–leaving those things that weigh us down and moving into the new year with new life.

For more information on the series, please email or call the church office at 541-928-3505.